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Elements has been a lifesaver for Cloud Coach.

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Cloud Coach specializes in enterprise-class project, PSA & PPM software built for businesses that want to make strategic investments in their success.

With Cloud Coach’s ‘Any Project Process’ and Salesforce ‘Lightning’ you can deliver projects of all shapes and sizes with dynamic tailored views specific to the type of project you are delivering. So when you need to bring the business together on a common tool, Cloud Coach & Salesforce is the serious choice.

Elements has saved days of rework on the processes of our internal org.



Video transcription

My name is Heather Suchowski. I’m the COO of Cloud Coach. We are a project management and PSA solution offered on the Salesforce platform. Elements has been a lifesaver for Cloud Coach. As a startup coming in, we had processes all over the place and we needed a way to be able to visualize and drive efficiencies across our organization. With processes such as new hire onboarding, implementations for our clients, the way we handle the handoff between the onboarding team and customer success. Those types of processes can be loose as you’re growing and there’s a lot of errors that can be made. When we brought Elements in, we were able to sit down as a team and find those handoffs points, find those tweaks to process that allowed it to be more seamless, visualize it and then admin it in our sales force org.

The Elements platform stands out among other products in the community based on its usability. It’s very intuitive. It’s easy to learn, and it has features that allow you to take things one step deeper. We have integrated Elements through literally every single department of our business. We’ve been able to sit down with each department manager and talk to them about what are the daily processes that they are trying to achieve every day. What are they needing to train their department on? And then we have been able to map those out and manipulate them into the workflows in our own Salesforce instance. And so we start out with that visual piece and then we were able to input that into our Salesforce org for a seamless process to continue to drive efficiency. So, I can confidently tell you that Elements has saved hours if not days of man hours in rework on our processes back in the internal org.

Just as an example we were trying different things out between the handoff between onboarding and customer success. And what we were finding was every time we sat down to do it, there would be another idea that came in. And when we realized our mistake and tried to move forward, then we would have to go back to the Salesforce admin and say, “Just kidding, we really need the process to work this way”. And the admin would end up having to do all of the rework. Elements has made our lives easier by the ability to collaborate with one another using this product. When we’re able to put the process map up on the screen, sit around a conference table, on the fly be able to put the processes up, add boxes here, change arrows there, another department there we’re able to visualize it, work together, see what works, see what won’t work. And it brings us together as a team and as the individual department.

If you are going to partner with Elements, be strategic about how you implement it. And so when you’re having a brainstorming meeting or when you’re having a process meeting, have Elements up on the screen. Start your meeting that way so that you’re using it as a tool to facilitate discussion and capture those thoughts in the moment before you know it, it’s done at the end of the meeting. There’s the process right up in front of everybody looking at it, agreed and that is hugely helpful if you are strategic about it. I love working with the Elements team. The Elements team is fun, responsive, capable, available. I never gone more than one or two days max and without hearing from somebody and having my problem solved. And not only do they solve the initial question that I may have but they’re very forthright with upcoming features and keeping us up to date so that we can understand how to best maximize and get value out of the Elements purchase.

We have integrated Elements through literally every single department of our business.



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