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In January 2021, Gaggle transitioned to Salesforce as the central platform for customer relationship management and data processing. While this move marked a significant milestone, it also highlighted the necessity of having an effective solution to track changes in their Salesforce Org and manage metadata efficiently.

The Challenge

The key challenge for was maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the change management process. They required a comprehensive solution for tracking changes, impact analysis and technical debt management so that they could streamline their operations.


After thorough research and evaluation, they identified as the ideal solution to meet their needs. offers a range of features that have been instrumental in enhancing their Salesforce management:

  • Change tracking: allows them to monitor and track changes made to their Salesforce instance, creating a transparent audit trail of all modifications. This ensures all changes are documented and accounted for.
  • Impact analysis: With, they can visualize the potential impacts of changes before they are implemented. This empowers them to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and prevent disruptions to their operations.
  • Cleaning up technical debt: is the platform that helps Gaggle identify and address technical debt within their Salesforce Org. This not only improves the health and performance of their Org, but also reduces long-term maintenance efforts and costs.

This solution has not only met but exceeded our expectations, contributing to our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience to our customers


By implementing, they took a proactive approach to Salesforce management. This has led to several benefits, including:

  • Streamlined change management processes.
  • Enhanced control over metadata.
  • Increased efficiency in their Salesforce environment. has proven to be instrumental in enhancing our Salesforce management and ensuring the success of our CRM initiative

Christina Nava, Director of Salesforce Strategy’s decision to adopt has been instrumental in enhancing their Salesforce management. We have witnessed substantial improvements in their daily workflows, resulting in a more effective and efficient operation.

Elements has not only met but exceeded expectations. It has contributed significantly to’s commitment to providing the best experience to their customers.

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