The technology executives guide to selling B2B disruptive and innovative solutions.

Our 25 years of research has shown that every buyer follows a universal buying process, irrespective of industry, country or market. We have distilled this process into 6 steps; IMPACT, Idea, Mentor, Position, Assess, Case, Transaction.

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The buyer of your disruptive and innovative solution is the Early Adopter, as Geoffrey Moore puts it in his book “Crossing the Chasm”. Early Adopters engage vendors at the Mentor stage and work with them through to Transaction. Sadly most early stage companies try to engage their buyers as though they were Early Majority, which is not until the Case stage. With disastrous results.

The purpose of this book is to enable you understand what is happening for your Early Adopter customer through the IMPACT process and how to engage with them so that it all makes sense and becomes repeatable.

The abridged book is more than a short teaser. In 25 pages it explores the Early Adopter and Early Majority buying traits in the context of the Chasm. It explains the IMPACT cycle and exposes the vital signs that show how you should engage with your customer. Finally it makes sense of the problems you are having scaling the company and what you need to do to reorient the company strategy to maximize sales.


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