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Transforming Salesforce Efficiency: BACA Systems’ Journey with


Andrew Russo, a Salesforce architect at BACA Systems, manages the company’s extensive Salesforce operations. Over the past seven years, BACA Systems has expanded its Salesforce usage from Sales Cloud to integrating its entire business processes, including manufacturing and accounting.

The Elements Cloud platform is so intuitive that it just makes sense on how you’re going to click and do stuff with all the different icons.


Before implementing, BACA Systems faced several significant challenges:

  • Lack of Documentation and Vetting: The team built features based on user requests without a systematic method to document or vet these requests, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Complex Change Management: Making changes to the system was difficult due to the fear of unknown dependencies, making even simple updates time-consuming and risky.
  • Dependency Tracking: Identifying and managing dependencies across various tools and environments was complex and time-consuming.


Elements provided a comprehensive Change Intelligence platform that addressed these challenges effectively. The platform integrates process mapping with Salesforce metadata, offering several key benefits:

  • Real-time Synchronization: Ensured that all environments, including sandboxes and production, were consistently synchronized.
  • Integrated Dependency Analysis: Allowed the team to view dependencies directly from Salesforce records, simplifying change management.
  • Daily Updates: Receiving daily emails on changes made within the organization enhanced oversight and control.

With Elements Cloud, we can quickly identify dependencies and potential impacts, saving us hours of manual work.


Andrew Russo and BACA Systems experienced significant benefits after implementing the Elements. The Change Intelligence Platform streamlined their change management process, improved dependency tracking, and optimized their Salesforce environment, leading to greater efficiency and reduced risk. The exceptional support and training provided by the Elements team ensured a smooth and quick transition, empowering BACA Systems to maximize the platform’s capabilities.

With Elements Cloud, we were able to identify 18 different packages that we had installed in the org, and it took me less than six hours to uninstall, remove all the dependencies, and really dig through 18 different packages that we had. That was either unused, underutilized or just old stuff that we weren’t using that we had replaced with new tools.

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