Elements Catalyst is more affordable than you think

Pricing – consultants


Consultant Editor – $500/year

How it works

  • Consultant Editor license is assigned to a named person. The licence can be transferred if a person leaves the firm.
  • Consultant Editor license allows the person to
    • Create a new Space for a client. It is automatically PRO. It gets the PRO Editor features.
    • Work as an Editor in any Elements Space where they have been given edit rights.
  • When the Space is created it also gets 1 Salesforce Connection to sync 1 Prod & 5 Sandboxes Org for 90 days.

At the end of 90 days there are 4 options:

  • The CLIENT takes ownership of the Space and buys licenses. They buy at least one Editor licence (to administer and work in the Space) and Salesforce Connection license. They can choose to allow Consultants to continue to work in Space using their Consultant Editor licenses, give them view access or switch off access completely.
  • YOU administer the Space but CLIENT buys at least one Salesforce Connection license. Client does not buy any Editor license so the Consultants continue to administer and work in Space using their Consultant Editor licenses.
  • YOU administer the Space and YOU pay for Salesforce Connection license.  Your Consultants continue to administer and work in Space using their Consultant Editor licenses. You may choose to charge your client for a managed service.
  • The Salesforce Connection stops. The Space stays PRO. Access to the Org Models (analysis/documentation) stops. The requirements, user stories and process maps can still be accessed.  Consultants can administer and work in the Space using their Consultant Editor licenses.

Free trial

Head over to the FreeTrials page to signup and see the power of Elements Catalyst


The consulting firm must be in the Elements Partner Program There is no cost.

To purchase licenses contact



When your client asks you the cost of at the end of the project, here is the cost and ROI calculator.


Nonprofit – 50% discount on Pro licenses (Editors and Connection Licenses)


Elements Editors

Typically a Salesforce Admin or Business Analyst who is creating content (requirements, process diagrams, user stories, Org documentation, user help). You need a minimum of one Editor. Editors are $750 per year.

Elements-Salesforce Connection

1 Connection License is required for each 1 Prod and up to 5 Sandboxes.  Connection is for metadata sync and analysis. Salesforce Connection licenses are $1,000 per year.


Enterprise gives you a broad set of features and is priced on a sliding scale based on the total number of Salesforce Users in your Org(s). The Enterprise features include:

Impact Analysis; Create an unlimited number of Dependency Trees for any metadata type. Store the last 5 for each metadata type.

In-app pop-up feedback and help; Available in standard and custom object page layouts, for standard and custom fields, in Lightning and Classic.

JIRA Integration; Sync User Stories into JIRA.

User Management; Single Sign On (Salesforce and SAML), user policies and centralized user control.

Content Management; Content policies and virus scanning of attachments and images.

Process governance; User acknowledgement of process diagram changes, stored as training records.

Pricing is discounted based on the total number of Salesforce users. starting at $35 / user /year. Use the pricing calculator for the total cost.



Elements Editors

Elements-Salesforce Connection licenses


ENTERPRISE requires at least 1 PRO Editor and 1 Salesforce Connection license
More than 2,500 users – please contact us





There are several places to look for budget – rather than just Salesforce. And you need to build a compelling justification.

We’ve some ideas of where to look for budget, the benefits you can get and we have built a benefits spreadsheet you can download.

It has some figures from our experience working with clients over the last 20 years. You can put in your own numbers to tailor it for your use case.





If you want to keep your data completely segregated or you want control over the location of data center for production and disaster recovery, then Elements Catalyst Private Cloud is for you. We will run a separate instance of Elements Catalyst for you and your trading partners. You choose the AWS hosting location and also the DR data center.  AWS interactive map

There is an annual cost of $50,000 for the Private Cloud in addition to the Elements Catalyst licenses.  There is a one-off set up fee of $5,000.

It is only available at the ENTERPRISE level as it requires enterprise features and there is NO non-profit discount.