Salesforce Event Monitoring

Drive more value from Salesforce Event Monitoring

You’ve invested in Salesforce Event Monitoring for security and auditing, but it also has the powerful capability to understand end-user adoption and if the investments in changes to the Salesforce platform are driving the expected ROI. helps maximize your Salesforce Event Monitoring investment and provides deep insights by aggregating event log data with Elements metadata insights.

We always saw org adoption and health as a major benefit of Event Monitoring. We are delighted Elements are partnering with us.

Pete Thurston – Senior Director Product Management, Salesforce

Drinking from a firehose

Turning data into insights

The Salesforce Event Monitoring generates massive daily log files of data, delivered as separate event log types, that need to be parsed and aggregated to turn them into actionable insights, which is a complex problem to solve.

The real power comes when you combine this information about how often metadata is used and by whom with the impact, risk and dependency analysis.

Understand adoption

Set and measure adoption objectives for new functionality to be able to target training or plan enhancements.

Plan technical migrations

Migrating to Lighting, Flow or Permission Sets is easier if you know what is actually being used by your users.

Prioritize technical debt reduction

Technical debt only hurts if it affects users and slows agility. Event data gives you another dimension for analysis to prioritize work.

Measurable ROI

Use the adoption metrics combined with the analysis of change effort and rework to calculate the ROI for any release.

Become an A player

Use metrics to drive success

Tracking success metrics has a strong correlation to high ROI and better grades. For example, 93% of those that report the highest ROI say they track success metrics, as do 91% of those that give themselves an A grade.

The event logs are valuable metrics, but only when viewed in the context of your org metadata and changes. Elements does the heavy lifting so that the data is presented as actionable insights.

Insights not data

Event log data in context

Elements displays the data in the metadata dictionary alongside metadata documentation, dependency analysis and data population, giving a 360 degree view of org health and adoption.

The analysis visualizes the high-level trends, and you can drill down to see patterns for cohorts of users or even a specific individual.