Great outcomes require great foundations

Delivering Salesforce AI + Data + CRM

AI + Data + CRM. It all adds up to customer magic. But to make that magic happen AI must have accurate data stored in Data Cloud and a well-crafted customer experience. can help you validate the integrity from the sources of the data and provides line of sight from the source of the data into Data Cloud. And it can help you design the perfect customer journey around the critical moments. All on one platform.


Salesforce: AI + Data + CRM.  It all adds up to customer magic.

Elements: AI + MetaData + CRM.  It makes the magic possible.

Connect, harmonize, engage, experience

Accelerate and de-risk your AI and Data Cloud project

Salesforce enables you to unify your customer data and deliver actionable insights using AI and act on them using automation. The 4 implementation phases are; connect, harmonize, engage, experience.

Elements can reduce the risk of failure, accelerate the implementation, and design a magical customer experience.

AI can only deliver magical results if it has a solid platform of clean data and a well articulated customer experience. Elements make this magic possible.


Ensure the correct data is being connected to populate Data Cloud based on up-to-date field dependency and usage analysis. Reduce analysis time by 60%.


Understand the integrity and sources of data to ensure that it can be combined and is not being polluted downstream. Reduce research time by 80%.


Design streamlined and transformed business processes based on customer insights for the critical moments that matter most. Drive out 25% improvements.


Accelerate the speed and derisk changes to Salesforce so you can deliver magical customer experiences. Reduce rework by 80%.

Don’t drink from a polluted data stream

Get line of sight from the source

Elements analysis can help you visualize the sources and integrity of the data stream that is powering AI. Automated analysis can highlight how data is modified by automation, code and integrations etc… It can show how user input is controlled through permissions, record types, validation rules etc..

It ensures you make the right connections from the sources of the data into Data Cloud, and beyond to AI and dashboards. Harmonization decisions are visible up and down stream to futureproof the impact of changes.

Multi-cloud metadata dictionaries

Automated documentation and analysis

Save time with automated documentation and dependency analysis for the core platform and Data Cloud. Add metadata dictionaries for other data sources. Visualize the field dependencies between the data sources and Data Cloud. Document the harmonization decisions for future impact assessment.

Reduce the analysis time by 80%.

Speed is a competitive advantage

Manage complexity and risk

Elements reduce the risk of driving changes to support the reimagined customer experiences.
It eliminates surprises with impact and dependency assessment and provides traceability of changes across the source orgs and Data Cloud.

It’s a process not improv

Magical customer experiences are planned

Engage stakeholders to design and document the perfect customer journey. Then architect Salesforce to deliver the experience seamlessly. Elements is with you every step of the way: brainstorming ideas, validating requirements, mapping processes, designing architecture, writing user stories and assessing the impact on org changes. Once these changes are implemented, use Elements to track adoption.