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The process for making Barbie, the movie

I am shamelessly riding on the wave of excitement for the Barbie movie that was released on Friday in cinemas. I have heard it is excellent. It stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. And as many of you know the “other Canadian Ryan” – yes, they are two different people – is a bit of a process nerd. He is Salesforce-famous for his Aviation Gin process mapping workshop video (at the bottom of this post). So he’s helped me understand the approach for making Barbie, and we’ve documented it as a process map in the UPN format. You’ve just gotta love him.  Here is the top level, and there is a lower level for “shoot film”

Here is the lower level for “Shoot film”

The. process maps are pretty average – they need more detail.  At least they follow the UPN standard which means ElementsGPT can create user stories directly from them. But the film is fun.  Here’s the trailer.

And here is the process mapping training video with Ryan Reynolds.

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