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Org Complexity and Org Health

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Home » Blog » Org Complexity and Org Health

Salesforce Orgs are often big and scary. Tens of thousands of metadata components, all configured to different standards, by different people, and for different purposes. Not to mention, mountains of technical debt. Consultants and admins are expected to implement working solutions quickly in the environments they do not understand.

That’s why at Elements we are working to provide you with unparalleled insights into the health of your Org. We want to transformOrg Discovery into Org Revelation. And we will do that with complexity scoring.

We will provide you with breakdowns of your objects and automations by levels of complexity, so you can spot potentially problematic areas. We will help you track how the complexity of your Org changes over time, so you can manage the quality of your Org configuration. And finally, with complexity insights on individual components, we will help you project the cost, effort and testing required to implement any change.

We calculate the complexity from the bottom up – by looking at each metadata item and allocating a complexity score. These scores are then aggregated and rolled up to parent metadata and then to different Org areas, all the way up to an overall Org Complexity score.

This is ultimately about Accelerating Time to Value, and helping you project the cost and effort required to customize your Org.

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