IMPACT: The Change Intelligence Summit. 4-8 Dec

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What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is a series of events for those who are responsible for driving change in Salesforce and those who are impacted by those changes.

We’ve brought together experts at the sharp end of driving change in the real world of operational and technical complexity, tech debt, and poor documentation. They will share practical approaches and tactics to drive the right changes to Salesforce more quickly, with confidence.

The virtual Summit – 4-8 Dec

The first event is a virtual Summit on 4-8 Dec with 2 sessions each day (0800 PST and 0900 PST). The sessions are a combination of expert discussions, presentations and panels. Each session is live and will be recorded so that it can be watched on-demand. The sessions are intended to cover every aspect of driving change for Salesforce. We could have easily filled all 5 days with sessions, so we had to choose carefully to limit it to 2 sessions per day.

Here are just some of the speakers:

Andrew Russo – Enterprise Architect, BACA Systems

Adrian King, Founder and CTO,

Nick Hamm – CEO, 10k Advisors

Ian Gotts, Founder & CEO, 

Jodi Hrbek – author of “Rock Your Role as an Admin”

Mark Good – CEO, AIForceTraining

Mirian McCabe, Architect, Salesforce

Scott Jorgensen – SVP, Chief Product & Innovation Officer, ScaleWith

Tom Barber – Salesforce Platform Operations Lead, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Tom Leddy – Architect Evangelist, Salesforce

Xavery Lisiniski – VP Product, and author of “Change Intelligence”

5 reasons to attend

  1. Change is the only constant. Understanding how to stay on top of Salesforce changes will make your role less stressful and more impactful.
  2. Insights into managing complexity. Salesforce orgs are getting more complex, with more tech debt and poor documentation. It is becoming a major drag on ROI.
  3. AI is a superpower. You can get 100x productivity improvements if you use AI to help you, and the AI capabilities are available now.
  4. Career planning. As Salesforce becomes more strategic and AI supports more aspects of the implementation lifecycle, change career planning is going to be critical.
  5. Engaged discussions: The sessions are designed to be engaging so the audience can get involved. And this is the first in a series of events which will include city tours and an in-person conference in 2024.


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