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Top 5 #elementshitfeatures for #WTF in 2020

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Home » Blog » Top 5 #elementshitfeatures for #WTF in 2020


As we all come to terms with prolonged period WFH (working from home) we thought we’d get the team together and highlight our Top 5 Elements hit features.  You’ll probably have a different view, based on your role or objectives. So let us know success@elements.cloud.    BTW We were inspired by the amazonshitcarshow video


1. Elements Catalyst Ultimate – automatically builds process maps of your Org

We are excited to announce that Elements Catalyst Ultimate Edition is now available which can automatically document your Org by building process maps of your business operation and developing help articles for your users which are displayed inside Salesforce record pages.

Leveraging patented AI technology, conceived by the late Douglas Adams called IID, Elements Catalyst is able to take all the the user requirements and your Salesforce Org metadata to build the process diagrams by parsing the Process Builder Workflows, Flows and Record Types. It then combines them with the field metadata and Validation Rules to automatically generate help articles for fields for every custom and standard object, including managed packages.

“I am staggered by what they have developed” said Irma B. Leaver, VP Sales Op at Gullable which is a bitcoin exchange that is a launch customer. Senior Salesforce Admin, Olivia Newton-John at Gullable is a huge fan, “It is so fast, it is like greased Lightning”.

This technology can be used for any size Salesforce Org, but obviously the older the Org and less well documented it is, the more valuable the output.

Another launch customer is an UK based online financial comparison engine, ClusterF.co.uk that was launched in 1984. Their Salesforce Org is over 30 years old and is best described as “mature”. Whilst not the largest Org that Elements syncs, it is probably the most complex. Elements Catalyst generated over 624 incomprehensible process diagrams and 4218 conflicting help articles.

Peter Leeward, COO of ClusterF.co.uk has been working with Elements Catalyst Ultimate as a beta customer and is very happy that the process maps and help articles accurately reflect the company operation.

“It is spooky. It is like Elements Catalyst is looking into the minds of our end users. I guess that is the power of AI and IID. It has managed to capture that the users simply spewed out random features and requests that they thought they might need and we implemented them as custom objects and automation. Amazing. I guess they were right, whoever said ‘Simplify comes before Automate – except in the dictionary’.”

At Elements we are inspired by a quote by Brian O’Driscoll, Captain of the Irish Rugby Team, “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to use it in a fruit salad.”

IID (Infinite Improbability Drive) is patented technology and is not the property of Elements.cloud

2. Process mapping optimized for virtual workshops. Version controlled, hierarchical process mapping

This week’s release has put a jet engine into our process mapping load times. BTW did you realize you don’t need to screen share for virtual process mapping workshops?  One person can Edit a process diagram.  The other participants can log in as Viewers. WITHOUT hitting refresh their browsers will show the updated process diagram as it is drawn. Here is Walter explaining how to map processes.   Register for free to start mapping.

3.  Auto-documented metadata dictionary with Dependency Tree analysis delivered inside Salesforce & Copado

We build a metadata dictionary from your Org metadata and then add automated documentation with our powerful analysis engine – every night. We do all the heavy lifting analysis and then display it in a right panel inside Salesforce Setup, Salesforce Record Pages and also Copado (DevOps).  Need to see if it’s right for you, trying to build a business case, or simply want a freebie, sneak peek at your Org? Our free 14-day trial gives you the complete experience. And it only takes 45 seconds to configure. elements.cloud/freetrial   You will be blown away by what we can show you.  Check out our Dependency Tree analysis

4. Scream at your phone and document your Org with our iOS Mobile App

Rant at Siri to explain why you built stuff – or what you found out about the deranged Admin who configured the app before you got there.  Take pictures of screens, settings and whiteboards. Add URL links. All with our free  iOs App.  Find it on the Apple AppStore. .  It is free to download and it works with your Org Models. Even if you don’t use it properly, it is SO COOL to use in a demo.

5. In-app pop-up help & feedback

Adoption is the #1 issue. You’ve paid for the Salesforce licenses. You’ve configured it. You want your users to get the benefits (or at a minimum use the app). The Salesforce help is pretty limited; 255 ch of plain text of custom fields.

So we extend the help icon to give help on every field (standard, custom and managed packages) and also at object level. Training can be documents, URL links and process diagrams. Add in voting on help topics and tracking views. The icing on top is the feedback button which links back into requirements.  Watch this quick video to see it in practice

BTW One of these features is not yet available as it is April 1st.



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