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Elements.cloud launches spoof app Magnum (April 1st)

Home » Blog » Elements.cloud launches spoof app Magnum (April 1st)
Home » Blog » Elements.cloud launches spoof app Magnum (April 1st)

As every organization digitally transforms to the new normal, their Salesforce system and underlying processes need to change at warp speed. Which is why Elements.cloud has launched its latest release, Magnum.

Using the power of Salesforce Einstein’s Next Best Idea, the platform APIs, Zoom Eye Pattern Tracking and Elements patented Process Intent engine, we are able to build the operational processes and also create the Salesforce metadata in ultra short sessions with SME (Subject Matter Experts).

“It is a huge step forward and I am so proud that the team was able to hit the end of March deadline. It was super aggressive.” said Ksawary Lisinski, VP Product Management for Elements.cloud

He went on to explain how it works. “It is almost as though we are able to tap into the SME’s thinking by measuring their eye movement and using our database of over 500,000 process diagrams and our analysis of over 1 billion metadata items. We can suggest and build the process diagrams. It is rather like process mining, but building the ideal best practice. We can then automatically create the metadata items – objects, fields, flows, Apex, dashboards and reports – that the SMEs are thinking that they need. We also can predict that virtually none of them are going to be used, saving huge amounts of time in unnecessary development and testing. This is a game changer”

Talking to a beta user, Tom Selleck at CBS. “I have seen and done some insane things in my time. But this is quite remarkable. Magnum PI has got to be the best thing I have ever seen.”

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