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Dreamforce is all about shoes. Not just Marc’s.

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Home » Blog » Dreamforce is all about shoes. Not just Marc’s.

by Carlos Siqueira, Elements Global Product Evangelist

I just came from #Dreamforce21 and this was one to remember. Lots of people asked me why I joined Elements.cloud and what we do.

A potential partner approached me at the lobby of the hotel, introduced himself and his wife. He wanted to understand what we do and asked me for a brief explanation. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity but didn’t want to bore his wife. 

I love analogies, and as Elements Global Product Evangelist they are my lifeblood.  So I told this story.

A couple just celebrated their anniversary and his wife said “I would really like some red bottom shoes.”  The husband said, “Consider it done!” 

In this case, the wife is the end-user,  the husband is the Business Analyst/Admin/Developer and the shoes are the requirements. The red bottom shoes she wanted are Christian Louboutin and are easily over $1K a pair.

So the husband wants to quickly meet his wife’s request and finds a bargain $39.99 pair of shoes with red bottoms at Amazon and using Prime they were delivered the next day. 

What do you think happens next?

The husband didn’t research what “red bottom shoes” meant, nor did he check his wife’s size (Poor business analysis). Because he had Amazon Prime they were delivered next day and could be sent back if they weren’t exactly right (DevOps speeds up delivery).  So he was confident in his purchase.

End result. Unhappy wife. Wasted time and money.

No matter how fast DevOps delivers and how quick it is to do a roll-back, the time spent really validating the requirements and being clear on what needs to be done, is the fastest time to value. No rework. 

The analogy really brought it home to both the potential partner and his wife. 

Elements accelerates business analysis so that you get clearer, more accurate requirements and can create user stories. These are linked to metadata with automated impact analysis and documentation. Therefore you can resolve issues and conflicts before you start building. That means you can accelerate any DevOps platform. And that leads to faster time to value and happier end users.

Want to see this in action – here’s our Dreamforce21 video  https://www.salesforce.com/plus/experience/Dreamforce_2021/series/Customer_360/episode/episode-15


Photo by Karmen Kendrick on unsplash.com

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