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Change Intelligence – Doing more with less

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Salesforce is a powerful platform that can help organizations increase their ROI, speed up the pace of change, and improve user adoption. However, in today’s business environment, many organizations are facing cutbacks – staff layoffs, budget cuts, and freezes on hires. Even as organizations face cutbacks, many are still looking to do more with Salesforce. They want to increase their ROI, speed up the pace of change, and improve user adoption. They want to take advantage of new powerful features like Flow, Einstein or Genie. 

The goal is not to simply “move fast and break stuff,” but rather to increase agility and reduce rollbacks that erode the trust of business users. And the backlog of projects is larger than ever. So life is getting harder for your Salesforce team.

Short term gain. Long term gain. 5 ideas.

Here are 5 ideas that can give you immediate results, but also lay the foundation for the future: 

  1. Build the right thing; Spend more time on upfront business analysis, so you are building what users need. It will reduce the time spent building the wrong things and the resulting rework, and add to the frustration of the business users.
  2. Understand the risk of changes; Use automated org analysis and documentation to increase the speed you can make changes with confidence. But you can also prioritize changes based on the level of risk so you can fast track low risk changes and allocate the correct level of development resources to every change. 
  3. Target specific technical debt; Remove unused (and costly) managed packages and technical debt in the areas that is killing agility. Not all technical debt is bad. Not being able to assess the level of tech debt is bad.
  4. Improve user experience; Clean up page layouts and provide in-app help. This reduces time spent by users, increases adoption and improves data quality.
  5. Make better decisions; Ensure the decisions are based on valid data by analyzing the fields used to drive dashboards, populate integrations and feed Einstein.

None of these activities sound easy with a complex org. The scale of the metadata and related dependencies means any of these tasks could take months to be done manually.  And you are looking for quick wins. This is where automated tooling that supports the implementation change cycle comes in. These tools are called “Change Intelligence Platforms” and can help you achieve results in all 5 areas listed above in days, without increasing the level of risk.

“We allocated 800 hours to analyze our CPQ migration. It took just 1 hour”

“We removed 18 Managed packages and over 200 custom objects in less than a day”

“Our weekly analysis took 40 hours. Now it takes 17 seconds”

What is a Change Intelligence Platform?

A Change Intelligence Platform builds a connected view of all the automated and manually created documentation that drives change within the org; metadata dictionaries with org impact, dependency analysis and configuration changes. The metadata is linked to the business analysis documentation; requirements, process maps, architecture diagrams and user stories. And then connected to the delivery documentation; changes, specifications, security scans, testing, and end-user help.

All of the information comes from different sources, in different formats, and created by different teams. But a Change Intelligence Platform aggregates it so that it can all be seen in context, breaking down the siloes that add friction, ambiguity and risk into making any change. Whatever the source and wherever a change occurs, it can be recorded, tracked, and analyzed within a Change Intelligence Platform. And Elements.cloud is the market leader.  

Want to read more? Here is an independent analyst research report.   

Talk to us.

Sounds amazing. But you are thinking you don’t have the time or the budget. You are surrounded by cutbacks and any talk of investment is not going to be looked on favorably. That is why we are here to help.  Run a free proof of concept with us that is tailored to your org and where you want to focus. It could be any one of the 5 we’ve listed above, or it could be another area such as CPQ or org mergers. During the proof of concept, we can then help you build a business case that works for your budget. Like many of our clients, you will probably already get benefits that can pay for Elements.cloud BEFORE the end of the proof of concept. We call that RBI: Return Before Investment.

Book a call https://elements.cloud/bookcall


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