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$500m ROI for business process (not UI design)

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Home » Blog » $500m ROI for business process (not UI design)

A compelling title: “Citibank just got a $500 million lesson in the importance of UI design. Citibank was trying to make $7.8M in interest payments. It sent $900M instead”.

The article makes compelling reading and points to UI design as the issue, but the author has collared the wrong criminal here.

Whilst I agree, the UI is horrible, there should be well-documented processes of the steps to be taken including the reviews. Citi is in a regulated industry so version-controlled and documented processes are mandatory. Ideally, those processes have screenshots that help to describe what to do. A well-documented process with the most appalling UI beats a beautiful UI and misunderstood process. And FAR FAR cheaper to implement.

This video from the Head of Business Process at Bank Of Montreal shows how it should be done.

Disclaimer.  Bank of Montreal was a customer when I was CEO of Nimbus. Alex now leads a consulting firm Kurm Consulting and is an Elements Partner.

Elements.cloud is the only process mapping tool tightly integrated into Salesforce.  It is also endorsed by the Salesforce Architect business process mapping course.

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