AI powers Salesforce org excellence

Change Intelligence on steroids

AI + MetaData + CRM. Makes org management magical.

Make better decisions, faster with ElementsGPT. AI applied to your org wisdom – your metadata combined with system-generated documentation and linked manual documentation – can give you staggering results.

Improve the quality of the change decisions you make with AI-generated recommendations specific to your org and in line with the Well-Architected Framework.

Knowledgeable. Smart. Tireless.

ElementsGPT is the best coach you could imagine

ElementsGPT is more than an assistant. Because it knows about your org and best practices it can coach you, with advice and recommendations that are tailored to your situation.

ElementsGPT turns discovery into a conversation. It turns business analysis and org documentation into recommended solutions. It enables you to do more important work.

Org wisdom

ElementsGPT knows about the metadata in your org. It even knows the quirks in naming. ElementsGPT has read the Well Architected Framework and the Release Notes.

Perfect User Stories

ElementsGPT can write perfect user stories complete with acceptance criteria driven from the process steps in a UPN diagram and your requirements.


ElementsGPT can make recommendations on how to implement a user story for your org configuration based on the Well Architected Framework best practices.

Effortless documentation

The quality of the recommendations are based on the quality of the documentation. Ask ElementsGPT to produce great documentation that it likes to read. Help it to help you.

Leverage your existing analysis

Complete User Stories

Ask ElementsGPT to create perfect user stories with a single click. It has everything it needs; requirements, process steps with resources and attachments. That is enough to write perfect user stories with acceptance criteria. The time-saving and improved quality is immense.

Magical recommendations

The perfect solution

Ask ElementsGPT get identify the best solution to implement a User Story because it knows about your org and the Salesforce Well-Architected Framework. For every solution, it considers every aspect. We could never do this as we don’t have the bandwidth, brain space or attention to detail.


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Even the unimportant details

Every word of every metadata item

ElementsGPT can answer your org questions. It knows about the metadata in your org; API name, name, description, your notes, the dependencies and the other seemingly unimportant details that turn out to be critical. But ElementsGPT also understands the nuances and quirks in your naming; Team, Member, and Applicant could all be part of an HR app.

Documentation (really) matters

Preparing for AI

ElementsGPT can only deliver magical recommendations if there is a solid platform of well documented metadata. Elements creates automated documentation in a metadata dictionary. Then add your own content. This gives context to documentation making it more valuable than siloed docs.

Change Intelligence

AI – Actionable Intelligence

No Change Intelligence Platform is complete without embedded, sophisticated AI. But to be able to exploit AI, any Change Intelligence Platform must be able to aggregate all the business analysis and org analysis information. Elements is perfectly positioned for the AI-age.

Elements turns AI into Actionable Intelligence.