An enterprise application not just a pretty picture

Well-Architected solutions require rigorous business analysis, from wish-list to a complete user story passed to the DevOps environment. Elements is with you every step of the way. 

From business analysis through to training and user adoption.

  • Eliminate miscommunication: All the architecture artifacts on one collaborative application
  • Eliminate surprises with org config insights: Automated org impact and dependency analysis
  • Reduce rework: Enable your teams to build the right thing, first time, faster.

Enterprise architecture

Elements is an enterprise architecture application. It manages access controls, versioning, collaboration and the linkages between artifacts.

Extending the Salesforce notation

The powerful collaboration and connection features make the Salesforce Diagrams notation far more powerful – drag a cloud icon onto the diagram and it is automatically linked to that metadata dictionary.

Salesforce Templates

All the existing Salesforce templates are available in Elements. And every new template will be available first in Elements.

Everything in one place

Architecture diagrams. Process maps. Brainstorm canvases. Requirements. User Stories. Metadata dictionaries. Documentation.


Talk to us about how the challeges you are having as an Architect

Extending the Salesforce Diagram standard

Elements is an enterprise application and has opened opportunities to make the current Salesforce Diagram standard more powerful. Such as the dynamic header that is hidden when not needed. Or the ERD data objects automatically linking to the object in the metadata dictionary when resources are added. Or version control managed down the 4 levels.