Get control of chaos, make change easier and less risky.

Catalyst by ( helps companies clean up, document and drive adoption of their Salesforce Orgs. Connect any aspect of your Org to process maps, requirements and user stories. It delivers full analytics of every item, so you can delete and develop with confidence. The content in Catalyst is the operational manual – *the single source of truth *– for end users, admins, business analysts, development teams, and auditors.



Adrian, Ian and Richard, founders of, worked together as part of the executive team at Nimbus, which they grew from a startup to a global software company with a large client list in the top 10% of Fortune 500. Nimbus was acquired by Tibco in 2011.

In 2015, they founded (, and designed it for the way we now work: in cloud-based, collaborative work spaces that deliver the latest data to everyone. They have built an application to maintain the most efficient Salesforce Org, and to fully enable the business analysis lifecycle and any change project.

Whatever your situation, we can help get your people focused on doing the right things at the right time, in the right way. Large or small, simple or complex, ROI is everything. As a team, we are focused on providing the approach and access to robust, elegant, affordable software, delivered in the cloud at scale. We can help you be on the right side of that disruption.

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