OrgZens – calm Org, calm mind

The Salesforce platform is very powerful, but as Spiderman was told “with great power comes great responsibility”. OrgZens celebrate those Admins and their co-workers who have control over their Org, rather than it controlling you. They are an inspiration to others that is it possible.
From the OrgZens you can start to see some common themes which  have a remarkable correlation to the top root cause analysis items for
  • Zen #25

    Initial analysis for a client of their Org now takes 3 days NOT 2 weeks by using which saves $8,400 in consulting fees.

  • Zen #24

    I once shared administration duties with another person who couldn’t be bothered to learn the first thing about how to administer Salesforce, merely taking the shortest path to get any task done. For example, instead of learning how folder sharing works, she made all users System Administrators so that they could see all of the reports. I put a stop to this by creating a Validation Rule to throw an error any time she attempted to make someone a System Administrator. I made the error message something nonsensical like “Illegal action on system.create(User): Error code 0X776yuZw8bXx22. This action is not permitted in the current application state.” Then when she kept asking me if I knew anything about this, I just played dumb.

  • Zen #23

    Needed some work done on a contact object for the product mgt team. Our Salesforce Product Owner was busy with a lot of projects for the Sales team. I mapped out my process, which helped to flesh out the requirement and specific needs. Our Business Analyst did not have to spend hours thinking about this, managed to implement this and update our processes in one morning because everything was understood.

  • Zen #22

    I’m so grateful to be in an org that appreciates security and how it works properly unlike my first org that learn what open sharing is from a customer overseas! 🙂

  • Zen #21

    1200+ Salesforce users. 100% logins. If it is is not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist

  • Zen #20

    Our Group Sales & Reservations Team Managers worked with me to create a sales process in Sales Cloud to replace something like 15 spreadsheets and numerous post-its

    Cassady Ludvigsen – National Ability Center
  • Zen #19

    Got a great Project Manager – game changer!!!!

  • Zen #18

    Consolidated the available report types down to 12 for the entire Org to support any report request

    Evan Ponter – Lanvale Consulting
  • Zen #17

    Built a dynamic Einstein security models so that one dashboard and one model could serve one company from CGO to clients

    Lucas Ribeiro – riverBI
  • Zen #16

    My CFO said to me “I hate Lightning!” right after we made the switch. Why? Because he couldn’t find the one report folder he uses. I “favorited” it for him, and now he’s happy in Lightning.

  • Zen #15

    I have filled 100% of my Custom Object descriptions – that’s over 110 Custom Objects documented.

  • Zen #14

    My org has a 98% – Excellent rating for the Security Health Check, the only thing stopping us from full marks is disabling the ‘Login As’ admin feature…and I am not giving that up!

  • Zen #13

    I am feeling very virtuous right now. EVERY ONE of the critical updates has been reviewed and activated! (OK, it’s a fairly new org, but still….)

  • Zen #12

    Now we are cleaning up the fields in our app and need to know what refers to the 400 fields in one object. The Documentation Hub is the first tool I’ve seen that shows what Reports use each field, as well as Workflows, Validation Rules, Page Layouts, etc. This has saved us hours of time checking each field in IDE, so that the development team can focus on improving our app.

    Richard Cunningham – Blendery
  • Zen #11

    We have a client that is now just learning importance of sandboxes and not doing everything in production. In the past, they have made changes to a something like a field label and API name that is a member of 3 workflows, 4 Process Builders, 20 validation rules, 7 formulas and so on. We’d get a panic “OMG Everything is broken!” call and have to decipher what happened. Now, our client can see what the contingencies are before they make the change, saving everyone a lot of headaches.

    Adam Schoolsky – Sadhana Consulting
  • OrgZen #10

    Two teams came to me with new requirements. I asked them to try it out using manual processes first for a month. Team A came back 3 months later with a completely different requirement, having reiterated their original concept considerably. Team B said that the effort didn’t justify the workload and that it wasn’t required.

    Paul Ginsberg – RSA
  • Zen #9

    As a nonprofit, trying to document, create procedures and help the end user in their day to day is a challenge. But in just a few short weeks…[we’re] able to create maps that show step by step for the end user, without making it “look” like a process map… It helps us get all of our processes out of everyone’s head or notes, etc. and get them ordered for everyone.

    Heath Parks – Cincinnati Works
  • Zen #8

    I was able to embed the processes in my Salesforce user interface (for training), and reference specific areas of my Salesforce org within the process (ex: fields, users). Catalyst allowed me to very quickly get a full picture of what was happening in our org, allowing me to safely remove redundancies.

    Sandy Hunter – Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Zen #7

    We’re able to push process maps and guidance about Salesforce out to users within Salesforce, so they do not need to toggle between SF and the intranet or manuals.

    Andrew Strachan – Nesta
  • Zen #6

    I’m an accidental admin who inherited a SF org without a single line of documentation. As a new solo admin, I struggled to understand what was going on. After discovering Elements Catalyst, a whole new world opened up. I will never forget the feeling I had the first time I ran analytics – I felt as the thick fog surrounding me for months was finally being lifted!

    Tanja Janjic – Council of International Schools
  • Zen #5

    We replaced our email marketing package with one that properly spoke to Salesforce, so that when someone unsubscribed in one system, it passed that along; saving lots of manual work (some of which was occasionally skipped due to time pressures, inevitably causing confusion).

    Paul Ginsberg – The Together Plan
  • Zen #4

    We replaced our email marketing package with one that properly spoke to Salesforce, so that when someone unsubscribed in one system, it passed that along; saving lots of manual work (some of which was occasionally skipped due to time pressures, inevitably causing confusion).

    Paul Ginsberg – The Together Plan
  • Zen #3

    By showing the department director the process diagram of all the steps needed to be taken before our system revamp way ready, this caused him to calm down and stop asking for shiny new features immediately, giving us the space to get on with work, fixing the fundamentals. He also presented it to the management board, to help them understand the work that was required.

    Alex Onos – Watersportverbond
  • Zen #2

    Shout out to Kelly Walker and Xander Mitman who led the Hands-On Training at Southeast Dreamin’ to implement Lightning console app in Service Cloud in March. Migrated our company to Service Cloud and implemented Lightning service console in our org seamlessly. Love it when a plan comes together.

    Melissa Hill Dees – HandsOn Connect
  • Zen #1

    Having a COO who understands the importance of bottoming out requirements and processes before I start work configuring Salesforce is so important. It means I have the confidence that what I am building will be adopted by the business. But it also means development and test is faster because I don’t have constant rework. BTW He also realises that I need time to document the configuration because it will save time doing impact analysis in future releases. My title is Business Excellence. Without a clear methodology and executive support my title could so easily be Captain Chaos.

    Jack Lavous –