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Elements.cloud is a freemium Agile Business Analysis application that has been designed to support Salesforce implementations and give benefits at every phase of the lifecycle.

Dump Visio, Powerpoint or Lucidchart and step up to Elements.cloud

Drive your business analysis at a new level.

There are 3 fundamental differences why users are upgrading to Elements.cloud from tools like Visio, Powerpoint and Lucidchart:

100% cloud hierarchical mapping app

Optimized for live mapping workshops. Simple, yet effective mapping notation. Managed diagram hierarchy.

Single source of truth for all operational knowledge

Link from an activity step to all supporting information (notes; URL links to screens, videos, procedures; meta data).

Elegant sharing and security model

As the owner of the map you decide who (inside or outside your organization) can see, collaborate on or edit your diagrams.

100% in the cloud. 100% free.

Affordable for the Fortune 5 million not just the Fortune 500

The core capabilities are free, for ever, for everyone. Yes, really. That is is our commitment. How do we make money? We have more advanced Pro and Enterprise capabilities. But we expect many organizations to be able to deliver everything they need with the free offering.

Capture the processes you want to automate in Salesforce

Engage your business users in live hierarchical process mapping. This proven approach is powerful enough to drive company wide projects but has a simple enough notation to get business and technical users onto the same page with next to zero learning curve.

Elements is just so easy to use. Any Salesforce Admin should be able to pick it up and be able to start mapping in live workshops really quickly.
Benjamin Bolopue, Salesforce CRM Administrator, Quanex Building Products

Link supporting information for configuration, on-boarding and training

Attach links from process steps to supporting information to provide more detail; Salesforce screens, configuration specs, training materials and videos, work instructions and procedures. Use the process map to drive configuration, user acceptance testing and user onboarding.

Engage with a wider audience – securely

The Elements Spaces sharing model allows your extended team – business users, IT, compliance and your implementation partner – to securely access and collaborate on a single view of your operational processes.  And, yes, this is part of the free offering.

Deliver your operational content inside Salesforce with single sign-on

Install the free Elements Integration with Salesforce package and enable all your Salesforce users to access process diagrams inside Salesforce with single sign-on. Set up a tab with shortcuts to specific process diagrams. Embed process diagrams within standard and custom objects.  It is available in Classic and Lightning for Salesforce Enterprise Orgs. And with Pro you can now “document your Org” by connected Salesforce Config data to processes.

The great news is Elements.cloud complements LEAN and makes every Admin an #AwesomeAdmin!

Squire Kershner, Salesforce Platform Lead, Baird

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