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Designed for Consultants: 100% cloud and 100% free

Elements is a freemium Agile Business Analysis application that has been designed so you can deliver real results for your clients – whatever you specialize in; Salesforce implementation, business transformation, regulatory compliance, or digital innovation. Dump Visio, Powerpoint or Lucidchart and step up to Elements.cloud

3 ways Elements.cloud can drive up your revenue

Win more profitable work

Showcase your industry knowledge and implementation methodology as maps to differentiate yourself and then deliver more effectively.

New service offerings

Create annuity revenue by providing a Center of Excellence, governance of process knowledge, and on-going support for your client’s transformation agenda.

Share in Elements revenue

Join the Partner Program, get referral commissions from Elements upgrades and get on the Partner Directory to raise your profile.

No cost to you or your clients. No barrier to entry.

The core Elements.cloud app and Integration with Salesforce capabilities are free for ever for everyone. Yes, really. That is is our commitment.

How do we make money? We have more advanced Pro and Enterprise capabilities that process mature clients may decide to upgrade to leverage the power of the process knowledge content. As Partners, you can share in the annuity revenue for those clients who decide to upgrade. For other clients, you can work with the free offering to deliver everything they will ever need.

Some jump straight to designing the technical solution. Clout’s primary focus is on business outcomes. That’s why we use Elements to capture the key business processes up front. It is simple to use and very powerful and most importantly we can collaborate in real time on developing process maps with our customer. Elements has given us the ability to build out a library of standard business processes which we use to build the solution map for each client. The maps are not just part of the design process, they form a key part of the project documentation and are invaluable for UAT and training. Using Elements is productive, supports better business outcomes, and delivers reusable process knowledge.  I am a big fan.

Kieran Carrick, CEO, CLOUT Partners

Work with each client in a secure work Space – with a single sign-on

The Elements Spaces sharing model allows your extended project team – your PS teams, your consulting partners, client business users, IT & compliance – to securely access and collaborate on a single view of their operational processes. Create a Space for each client project, copy in template content, customize and get going. Run the Space for your client and then hand-over admin and ownership to them if and when it makes sense. Complete security combined with complete flexibility. And, yes, this is all part of the free offering.

Map your IP and methodology to win work and deliver more profitable projects

Create pre-built process maps of your areas of expertise to demonstrate your capabilities and win work. Capture your implementation methodology as a map with links to supporting content so your team hits the ground running.

We’ve used this notation and hierarchical approach over the last 20 years in well over 100 clients. They are always amazed how this approach clarifies their processes and gets everyone on the same page.

Johnny Allen, Principal Consultant, Calvaria

Added value to Salesforce implementations

Install the free Integration with Salesforce package and enable all your client’s Salesforce users to access process diagrams inside Salesforce with single sign-on. Set up a tab with shortcuts to specific process diagrams. Embed process diagrams within standard and custom objects.  It is available in Classic and Lightning for Salesforce Enterprise Orgs. And this is free too!!

With the Pro level of the Integration with Salesforce package you can use Elements Salesforce Config Manager to document an Org  by linking customizations (e.g. VFPages, Apex triggers, custom objects) to process steps. You can then keep track of the impact of changes. This is invaluable as you help your clients configure and then continue to improve and upgrade their Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce Config Manager helps clients answer 2 questions:

  • If I change my operational processes what customizations do I need to update in Salesforce?
  • If I update any customizations (i.e. migrate to Lightning) what processes are impacted?

We have completed over 250 Salesforce implementations and every single one has started with a workshop to map out the key processes, identify today’s issues and agree how best to use Salesforce to streamline and simplify the processes. We call it Process Led Implementation which is the best way to ensure a successful project that really delivers for the business.

Mike McKintyre MBE, Director, Xenogenix

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