Staying agile is hard.

We get it.

Requirements coming in from all angles. You have a limited view of what is in the Org and no real documentation. And the business needs a faster pace of change.

You need, the management platform for Salesforce. One central place for requirements, user stories, process maps, Org metadata impact analysis and documentation. All interconnected saving you time and avoiding embarrassing SNAFUs.

So you can focus on delivering the Salesforce that your business needs.

You do all these steps already. Elements just makes it easier, faster and safer.


That’s the big picture, but you have
challenges to address right now.

“You can save up to 80% of rework with this approach”

Catch conflicts earlier

The earlier you spot issues, the cheaper they are to fix

Sync/import your user stories grouped by release. Link them to Salesforce metadata items. And our analytics does the rest.

We provide the insights you can only dream of, so you can sleep at night.



We think harder about analysis than anyone else on the planet.

“We can do Org Analysis in 50% of the time with Elements”

Understand your Org

Powerful Org impact and risk analysis

The nightly sync of Prod and Sandboxes maintains the Org metadata dictionary with its risk and impact analysis. The where used, dependency and field population analytics are always up to date so you are making fact based decisions.



Get everyone on the same page

Endorsed by Salesforce in their Business Process Mapping course

Rapidly capture version controlled processes in live workshops. Use diagrams to validate requirements, user acceptance testing, training and regulatory compliance.



“We identified 25% cost savings”

“This is a game-changer for us”

Salesforce Systems Integrator

“Elements made it easy for us to get the right guidance to the right people in the right places – and 87% faster to create guidance”

Increase adoption and engagement

Accelerate ROI and agility with just in time training and in-app feedback

Give your end users point of need training to increase adoption and an easy mechanism to provide feedback. Watch adoption and customer satisfaction soar.




Elements is the platform that powers a Salesforce CoE

Raise your CoE to the next level with a platform that provides centralized standards, managed documentation, analysis and insights.

Attend the round tables to hear CoE experts discuss best practice.



Elements users

Processes mapped

Metadata items analyzed