Get Consultant Superpowers

In just 2 mins, get x-ray vision into EVERY client Org

Dependency Trees and Impact analysis de-risk projects

License is just $500 / year for unlimited clients

And we have the most intuitive process mapping tool.. but you know that, right?


“Org discovery in 20% of the time. This is a game-changer for us.”

Salesforce Systems Integrator

Learn more about the Org in 1 day than weeks of manual analysis

Impact dependency trees

Visually demonstrate to your client the true impact of a change across all metadata. Click any item to expand to see dependencies levels and the metadata on the metadata.

Visible in Salesforce Setup or in Elements for multiple metadata types, including standard and custom fields, apex, flow and process builders, global actions, dashboards and reports, sharing rules, validation rules, workflow field updates and rules.



“We use this for every client pursuit and engagement

“Org Discovery in 20% of the time”

2 mins to setup

Metadata dictionary with impact analysis and automated documentation

Takes just 1min 58 secs mins to connect an Org and we take it from there.

In less than 2 hours you’ll have a full picture of the Org configuration and technical debt.

The nightly sync of Prod and Sandboxes maintains the Org metadata dictionary. It has risk and impact analysis, where used, dependency and field population analytics, automated documentation and clean up recommendations.


$500 / year for a consultant license that you

can use for every new client for 90 days

Create an Elements user account and fill out the form. We’ll allocate your license and we will invoice you. For each client you can create a project space with unlimited functionality for 90 days.

Consulting Purchase
If you do not have an AppExchange Listing, provide proof that you are a Salesforce Consulting Partner


At the end of 90 days there are 3 options:

  1. Client ownershipThe client takes ownership of the Space and buys licenses.
  2. Your Managed Service: You keep ownership of the Space and pay for managed service licenses.
  3. Stop using Elements: The org analysis features switch off

Here’s the bigger picture.

Driving Salesforce agility.


Requirements coming in from all angles. You have a limited view of what is in the Org and no real documentation. And the business needs a faster pace of change.

You need, the management platform for Salesforce. One central place for requirements, user stories, process maps, Org metadata impact analysis and documentation. All interconnected saving you time and avoiding embarrassing SNAFUs.

So you can focus on delivering the Salesforce that your business needs.



You do all these steps already. Elements just makes it easier, faster and safer.