Elements approved for Salesforce teams

Get x-ray vision into your client’s orgs

All visible in Elements, so no need for access to your client’s Org

Learn more about an Org in 1 day than weeks of calls

Help your clients accelerate time to value

We build a complete picture of your client’s org. We show you the hotspots and the complexity.

Help your client migrate to Lightning. Support Org merges or rebuilds. Pinpoint areas for upsell.  Tip toe around areas of high tech debt that will kill a deal


X-ray vision into client’s org

You don’t need client SysAdmin access

2 mins setup. Constant monitoring.

Connect Elements to client org (prod or sandbox). Nightly sync analyzes Org and reports changes

Takes just 1 min 58 secs mins to connect an Org and we take it from there.

In less than 2 hours you’ll have a full picture of the client’s Org configuration and technical debt.

We notify you of changes when the nightly sync of Prod and Sandboxes maintains the Org metadata dictionary. It has risk and impact analysis, where used, dependency and field population analytics, automated documentation and clean up recommendations.


Get everyone on the same page

Endorsed by Salesforce in the Architect and Trailhead Business Process Mapping courses

Rapidly capture version controlled processes in live workshops. Use diagrams to validate requirements, user acceptance testing, training and regulatory compliance.

“We identified 25% cost savings”

Warning: In less than 5 mins you’ll fall in love

3 reasons

Better than simple diagraming tools (like LucidChart)

Hierarchical: Complex processes easily visualized down multiple levels

Attachments: Link any step to documentation, metadata and user stories

Version controlled: Track changes and support regulatory compliance


Purchasing process


Step by step

  • Get agreement to purchase (note: this is the easiest bit)
  • Email with your name (or complete the form below)
  • We will send you an OrderForm by email
  • You raise PO in PurchaseForce* and attach the OrderForm
  • PurchaseForce automatically sends us the order
  • We will provision you with licenses
  • We will connect you with an Elements CSM to help you through the first client connection
*Search for Q9Elements or If you don’t have access to PurchaseForce contact the Concierge
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