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Comparison Elements.cloud vs Visio vs Lucidchart

Elements.cloud is a suite of business analysis tools to support your business change lifecycle – from requirement to release – not just process diagramming. This shared understanding of your operation requires: Hierarchical mapping with UPN notation, multiple links to supporting information, access rights and rigorous governance to regulatory standards (e.g. GDPR). All tightly integrated into Salesforce.

Lucidchart, (like Draw.io, Gliffy, MS Visio, MSPowerpointetc), is a diagramming tool with a palette of shapes and templates to allow different styles of diagrams to be drawn; flowchart, BPMN 2.0, org chart, mind map, network diagrams, UML, venndiagrams, floorplans etc. A diagram can be printed, published to a webpage or embedded into another document or application.

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