Integration with Salesforce

Integration with Salesforce

It is a standard Salesforce managed package application for Enterprise or Sandbox Orgs – in Lightning or Classic – and allows:

  • Salesforce User Provisioning & Single Sign-on: access Elements using Salesforce credentials
  • Salesforce Player: view and collaborate on Elements process diagrams…
    • inside Salesforce from a list of short cuts
    • in the context of Salesforce standard and custom objects
  •  Salesforce Config Manager: provide Org documentation by connecting Salesforce configuration data to requirements or process diagrams in

The Installation and Administration Guide, which also has the link to the installation package can be downloaded here.  It takes less than 30 minutes to install, set up the package and configure it.

Salesforce User Provisioning and Single Sign-On

Allow all your Salesforce Users to use their Salesforce credentials (username and password) to view Elements process content – without ever leaving Salesforce or having to login to Elements.

Admins and Editors can login to on the web using their Salesforce credentials to manage the process content.

Don’t worry – we don’t have access to their passwords. We authenticate against their credentials inside Salesforce so it is completely seamless to users.

It is available as part of the FREE Plan.

Salesforce Player

This allows any user to view and collaborate on process diagrams in the context of Salesforce objects – with single sign-on.

It is available as part of the FREE Plan.

View process diagrams in the context of standard and custom objects

Here is a process diagram embedded into an Account object.   This is a live, active diagram being delivered from the database, so the user – provided they have access rights to the diagram – can click on attachment links, off-page connectors or drill downs.

Adding the Visualforce Page to an object Page Layout takes just a few minutes.  The diagram you want displayed inside the object is entered in A field in the Elements Settings tab.elements-salesforce-embedded-into-account-object

Simple setup to view process diagrams embedded in standard and custom objects

The Elements Settings tab is where you decide which diagram is displayed within each object. The Salesforce Admin enters the unique Elements diagram ID (from the URL) for the object for both standard and custom objects.

It can be for an object or object-type i.e.Account for Supplier type or all Account types.


Set up a list of shortcuts to process diagrams

Any user who has edit rights for the Elements Maps tab can create a list of shortcuts to diagrams for users using the unique diagram ID.

The user can click on any link and be taken to that diagram – provided they have access rights to the diagram. Access to a map are set up with one click inside Elements by the map owner.


Users click on the shortcut to view the process diagram

When a user clicks on a link in the list, the process diagram will be displayed inside the Elements Maps tab. The diagram is live, so the user can click on attachment links or navigate to other diagrams. They can click on Comments and start a process improvement discussion.  If the user has EDIT rights they can even edit the diagram without leaving Salesforce.

This is a simple custom object in Salesforce which you can easily modify to suit your users’ needs i.e add new fields.


Salesforce Config Manager

Salesforce Config Manager enables you to get insights on and document your Salesforce Org configuration and then keep track of the impact of changes. This is invaluable as you configure and then continue to improve and upgrade your Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce Config Manager helps you answer 2 questions:

  • If I change my operational processes what customizations do I need to update in Salesforce?
  • If I update any customizations (i.e. migrate to Lightning) what processes are impacted?

This on the Pro Plan.  Each editor needs a Pro license in the connected Space. ($62/month – based on $2/day)

How it works

Here is a diagram to explains the approach.  Looking at the diagram from left to right.

SALESFORCE SETUP/CONFIG to ELEMENTS REF MODEL: Decide which configurations/customizations inside Salesforce you want to be sync’d into the Elements Ref Model. Just pick the items you want and you will see them in a simple nested list, with a link back into the specific config page in Salesforce.  Using the Elements Ref Model is probably the easiest way to get to the Salesforce setup pages. But it gets better.

ELEMENTS REF MODEL to ELEMENTS PROCESS MAP: Now you can link from any item in the Elements Ref Model to any process step (activity box) in a process map.  That gives you the visibility of how Salesforce has been configured to support each operational business process i.e Qualifying a lead, Converting Lead to Account, Closing a Sale.


What this looks like inside Elements and Salesforce is shown in the diagram below, with the linkages. It looks a spiders’ web of links and is hugely complicated. And that is because it is.

One customization to Salesforce may be used in several different process steps and without Elements Config Manager you may never have understood the impact. And as you can see, one process step in “Qualify Lead” may have many changes to Salesforce (VisualForce Page, Email Templates, Approvals, Flows etc.)

Answering your 2 critical questions

So now, as a Salesforce Admin you can get insights into your Org. You can answer the 2 questions which keep you up at night. Or to put in another way “if I change this, what will I break, and who will shout at me?”


Pricing approach

Installing the Integration with Salesforce package is free. There are Free capabilities and Pro and Enterprise capabilities.

FREE: Salesforce User Provisioning and Single Sign-on, Salesforce Player
Pro: Salesforce Config Manager

Salesforce Config Manager pricing

Each editor must have a Pro license in the connected Space.  This is $62/month – based on $2/day – and the cost is calculated on a daily basis and billed at the end of the month to your credit card. So you pay only for the days that Salesforce Config Manager was switched on.

Ask about a free 14 day trial  –