Get Consultant Superpowers

Derisk projects with x-ray vision into your clients' Org

Avoid mistakes with the metadata impact analysis and dependency trees

Get 100% adoption with in-app pop-up help and feedback

And we have the most intuitive process mapping tool.. but you know that, right?

Partner program


Your job is delivering successful projects. Ours is building you the app you need to deliver results.


Elements is designed to help you deliver more value to your clients and give you competitive advantage:

  • There is no cost to join the program as a Registered Partner.
  • You get a free Enterprise Space for demoing to clients
  • You can earn a referral commission when customers purchase.
  • You can buy Consultant Editor licenses that can work in multiple client spaces


To join the Partner Program contact us at to arrange an initial discussion about our program and how it dovetails with your practice.


Consultant Editor

  • $500/year per named user/consultant
  • License can be transferred when consultant leaves

Managed Services

SMB Managed Services

  • Customer Org has less than 100 Salesforce Licenses
  • Connection and enterprise features is $300 per year per customer (minimum 5 customers)


Firm must be in the Partner Program.

Consultant Editor license is assigned to a named person. The licence can be transferred if a person leaves the firm.

Consultant Editor license can create multiple client Spaces:

  • Create a new Space for a client.
  • You can have the client Space converted to a 90 day Partner Trial with all Enterprise features by contacting

Consultant Editor license can work as an Editor in any Elements Space where they have been given edit rights.

At the end of 90 days Partner Trial there are 4 options:

  1. The CLIENT takes ownership of the Space and buys licenses. They buy at least one Editor licence (to administer and work in the Space) and Salesforce Connection license. They can choose to allow consultants to continue to work in Space using their Consultant Editor licenses, give them view access or switch off access completely.
  2. YOU administer the Space but CLIENT buys at least one Salesforce Connection license. Client does not buy any Editor licenses so the consultants continue to administer and work in Space using their Consultant Editor licenses.
  3. YOU administer the Space and YOU pay for Salesforce Connection license.  Your consultants continue to administer and work in Space using their Consultant Editor licenses. You can propose this to your client as a managed service.
  4. Salesforce Connection stops. Access to the Org Models (analysis/documentation) stops. The requirements, user stories and process maps can still be accessed.  Consultants can administer and work in the Space using their Consultant Editor licenses.