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Salesforce Admin

You’re a solo admin or part of a team with admin, business analysis or project managements skills.


Salesforce Consultant

You are juggling projects for multiple clients and making Salesforce rock for them.

Process Mapping

You are a business analyst or process consultant on a compliance, process reengineering or systems implementation project.

GDPR compliance

You want to make sure your consents and permissions in Salesforce are GDPR compliant


Get a view of your Org that you’ve never seen before for just $2/day

Elements.cloud helps you understand, clean up and document your Org.  Sync all your meta data into our app and our in-depth Salesforce Org Analytics will open your eyes.

$2/day /  Elements Editor. Editors roughly equal Salesforce Admins. Unlimited Viewers are free.

We need to clean our Org, but where do I start?

The simple tree structure makes it easy to understand the entire Org meta data. The Salesforce Org Analytics will pinpoint the areas that are causing most pain.

I’m running out of Salesforce fields! What do I do?

We’ll show you every field in every object, with data population aka FieldTrip, where fields are used, and access permissions. Then you can make decisions on what fields can be safely removed.

How do I make sure that my Org’s Lightning Ready?

Alongside the Lightning Readiness report, get a clearer picture of what can be changed and what can be deleted. And then easily add the documentation for your migration.

1 video: 2 min overview, 10 min setup and 3 mins of “Wow”

Watch this short video that demo’s the app, steps you through installation & set up, and then talks you through what you can do.  All in 15 mins.

  1. Register for Elements, create a Space and use free trial to upgrade to PRO
  2. Install the Elements Integration for Salesforce managed package
  3. Set up the integration
  4. Sync Salesforce Org config data into Elements Ref Model
  5. Develop great documentation habits
  6. Run and understand Salesforce Org Analytics


Our customers and partners LOVE Elements.