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It's faster and cheaper. But it's all about managing the risk.

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Increase adoption. Increase agility. Increase trust.

Elements maximizes your investment in Copado DevOps
and increases engagement with your business users. is tightly integrated into Jira and Copado coordinates the development and reuse of all documentation around the lifecycle and provides critical metadata impact assessments to accelerate risk analysis and decision making.

Collaborative process mapping leads to more accurate user stories. This speeds up development and dramatically increases adoption.

Automated Org metadata analysis enables risk-based user story assessment. This shortens release cycles and reduces failure rates.

Documentation and analysis are embedded into Jira, Copado and Salesforce so there is a “single source of truth”.

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Requirements & User Stories

Capture and manage all your requirements and users stories in one place with a managed lifecycle sync’d to Jira and Copado.

Add supporting documentation and collaborate on requirements, link to process diagrams and Salesforce config items. View this inside Jira.

Org Impact Analysis

Make changes faster with confidence with powerful Org Impact Analysis. Production and Sandboxes metadata sync’d and analyzed every night.

Field %filled, Field WhereUsed, Field Impact, Dependency Trees. All delivered inside Salesforce Setup, Record Pages and Copado.

In-app Feedback and Help

Extend the Salesforce help icon for objects and fields to add In-app feedback, help and ratings.  Respond in seconds and drive up user adoption and data quality.

Help articles can be rich text documents, URL links to external content (procedures, training , videos, apps) and process diagrams.

Process Mapping

Develop simple, yet powerful hierarchical process maps. Connect, engage and communicate with your business users.

Develop a “single source of truth” that is more than project documentation, but is a platform for continuous improvement.

Org Documentation

Automated Org documentation generated based on your metadata. Add documents, links to external content, process diagrams and requirements.

We know it is hard, so we make it easy for you to add documentation: use our web app, Salesforce Setup or Record Pages, or in Jira .

Data Privacy & Governance

Satisfy GDPR and other data privacy regimes by tracking privacy permissions and policies for leads, contacts and person accounts. Preference center provides single customer portal for sales, support and marketing outbound campaigns.

Corporate Management

Enables Single Sign On (Salesforce and SAML). Provides centralized user control, management and user policies. Apply content collaboration rules. Attachments and images are scanned for viruses.

Elements users

Processes mapped

Metadata items analyzed


Andrew Davis is author of “Mastering Salesforce DevOps” and Senior Director Product Marketing at Copado, 16x Certified Salesforce Architect.

In this podcast he defines DevOps and why it’s important for Admins and Consultants to understand. He also discusses his unusual path into Salesforce and into DevOps after being a Buddhist monk for 15 years. For a long time, he deployed releases for Appirio, which he says was laborious and had no version control. He spent several years working on  “Continuous Integration (CI) for the masses” to make it easier. Eventually he went to work for Copado to continue this work, and has written the book “Mastering Salesforce Devops” to build a bridge between Admins and Developers. His book is available on Amazon