Get consultant superpowers with Elements

Elements Catalyst quickly gives you a picture of your client’s Org with powerful Org Analytics. Understand what has already been built, then use it as the central hub of all documentation; process diagrams, requirements, notes, images, screenshots and specifications.

Win new clients - “Clean-Up Org” projects

Run the 14-day free trial and impress your clients with in-depth insight into their Orgs. Use the visibility of clients’ customizations that the Org Analytics offers to provide ongoing support for their implementations and projects.

Get the job done faster

Get projects delivered faster and more consistently by taking advantage of pre-built process process content. Process maps are reusable for your areas of expertise, saving you days of work and valuable time.

Gain the competitive advantage

Elements helps you differentiate yourself from the herd of consultants who leave a folder of unusable documents….or nothing at all. Easily attach any type of documentation to the Org Ref Model so everything is in one place, and everyone has easy access.

One login. Multiple work spaces.

Create a secure, collaborative work space for each client. At the end of the project, it can become theirs. They can invite you back for support or follow-on projects.

Help them migrate to Lightning

Alongside the Lightning Readiness report, get a clearer picture of what can be changed and what can be deleted. And document the changes made to migrate.

Support their Org clean-up

The simple tree structure makes it easy to understand the entire Org metadata. The Salesforce Org Analytics will pinpoint the areas that are causing most pain. Document what you have discovered and tag items for deletion.

They've hit field limits

We’ll show you every field in every object, with data population aka FieldTrip, where fields are used, and access permissions. Then you can make decisions on what fields can be safely removed.


Try it for 14 days, free

1. Simply install the Elements Catalyst managed package from the AppExchange 

2. Run QuickStart (2 mins) to get it set up and kick off the sync of your Salesforce Org metadata into an Elements Org Model. We don’t access your data.

3. Wait for the email that says the sync has completed. A Dev Org takes 5-10 mins. Our largest client Org (60,000 metadata nodes) takes 3 hours.

4. Get a view of your Org you’ve never seen before.

Here is a full list of the features (PDF 4.1MB) and here is the QuickStart installation video


View them on the AppExchange


More and more clients are asking us for project consulting. But that’s your game. Ours is building you the app you need to deliver success.

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