Run Salesforce like a top race team

91% of successful Salesforce implementations have a Center of Excellence*



*10K Advisors: From Project to Program survey


What goes on tour... is more than just the band

They have a Center of Excellence*


*Tour dates, sound, lights

promotion, ticketing,

roadies, merch...



It takes an extended team to deliver these results






The top teams have won before they've left the dock


*Boat prep, team, tactics, tides

weather forecasts, food, beers...



Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence Round Tables


COE Roundtable - 2021-04-13

As Salesforce is more strategic it is owned by the CIO.

How do they think a Salesforce Center of Excellence benefits them in the broader IT landscape.

Apr 2021 Round Table


The business bought Salesforce.

The consultants implemented it.

91% with a CoE get the best ROI.

Feb 2021 Round Table

Heads of CoE and consultants debate the key aspects of a CoE

DF2020 Round Table is one of the key tools that underpins the Center of Excellence. Here is how:

  • Methodology: The implementation lifecycle can be clearly documented, clearly understood and easily accessible as a process map. Mapping the methodology will streamline it, driving out waste, eliminating bottlenecks and breaking down organizational silos
  • Standards: Attaching documented standards to the related steps in the methodology ensures they can be consistently applied
  • Governance: Project risks are reduced in 3 areas; a consistently applied methodology, better business analysis of the changes required, and technology impact analysis.
  • Change control: Managing the business requirements, metadata and associated documentation
  • Metadata management: Control of the Salesforce metadata and integrated apps across the deployment pipeline
  • Architecture: ERDs can be drawn as process maps connected to metadata items and technical specifications
  • Change management: Process maps are used as training materials with attached documentation. In-app popup help is inside Salesforce with rating and tracking. Feedback can be captured from end users “in the moment” inside Salesforce.  Training records are created when user sign-off compliant processes.


Accelerating the implementation lifecycle

Accelerating the implementation lifecycle is critical to increasing ROI