Salesforce Architecture Diagrams

Salesforce is putting a lot of investment and energy to enable customers to build more reliable and scalable solutions by better upfront architecture design. They are launching an initiative called “Well Architected” and last year they developed some architecture diagram standards called “Salesforce Diagrams”. These are template diagram types such as a System Landscape, Data Flow or ERD. They have also developed some style guides to make the diagrams easy to read and understand.

Whilst you could draw them using a diagramming tool like Powerpoint or Lucidchart, but they are individual diagrams that are siloed. Ideally the diagrams are interconnected to each other but also to other assets such as process diagrams, user stories, requirements and org metadata. Then connected they form the critical audit trail of changes and the institutional knowledge of the org.

The power of the Elements UPN modeling app is drill downs, linking, and version control. Think how powerful it would be if the same approach were applied to Salesforce Diagrams. Watch this space…..