Multi-cloud Dependency Trees

The Salesforce platform… is not an application island. The Customer360 view means that it is integrated to other applications or clouds in the Salesforce ecosystem – Slack, Mulesoft, Tableau, Marketing Cloud – but also other strategic applications  – Netsuite, ServiceNow, ZenDesk, Celonis, Workday and many, many, many more!

Therefore, changing your Salesforce Org increases the risk of affecting your other systems and corrupting the data flow. And vice versa – innocent tweaks in your other systems may have an unforeseen and drastic impact on your Org. But what if you could foresee it?

With Elements, you can now build metadata dictionaries for any 3rd party applications and create links between any metadata in any dictionary. These will all be visualized in the dependency trees so you get the full picture of the impact of making changes.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that stage field on the Opportunity is used in a Tableau dashboard, updates a Slack channel when a picklist value changes, and populates Netsuite via Mulesoft when the stage is moved to closed. Being able to see this when assessing the impact dramatically lowers the risk of and increases the confidence to make changes at pace.