It’s made our lives easier using Elements. 

Elements was like this breath of fresh air that blew in through the window when I had no idea that it was there.



Hear what they say about Elements

Video transcription

I’m Vivian Ralls. I run the internal Salesforce practice for JD Power. The Salesforce practice within JD Power is really supporting all of customer operations, along with some of the other common applications that you would use for that. Some of the challenges that we’ve had is a very complex org, a junior Salesforce team to support it, also end users that have to deal with a lot of complexity in some of the simplest things of working in Salesforce, like quoting, for example, a lack of knowledge, not retaining the training that they’ve had.

Elements was like this breath of fresh air that blew in through the window when I had no idea that it was there. The Elements platform is part of our business now. The fact that it lives right into Salesforce, Elements is every part of a lead being created, an account, an opportunity, the quoting, it’s available to the end users for help along the way, and it’s available to the support team to see what’s going on at each level of anything. It’s really not even a separate part of our business. It’s part of our business, which is lovely.

It’s made our lives easier using Elements. I feel more confident that we’ll be able to answer questions accurately and quickly. When an end user says, this is my message, and we can look it up and in seconds find out what that is a part of and then troubleshoot the code in there, there’s just no replacement for that. I seriously feel like it’s a tool that we can rely on to offer accurate quick support to our end user, so really, it makes us look good.

My impressions of working with the Elements team is we not only get a lot done, but it’s fun. I just like that aspect as well. We’ve had great support from our sales engineers. They’ve got their hands right in org with us to help us get going and start proving the ROI on it for senior management, lots of good ideas as well, some leadership that I really appreciate from a vendor that makes a vendor a partner. And we’ve seen that with the Elements team. They’re not just s vendor. They’re saying, hey, look at this feature. I think knowing what I know of your org, I think you guys would get some benefits from that. And I really appreciate that.

Elements Cloud pays for itself, especially in a complex org. You’re going to see the benefit of it very quickly.