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With Elements Calalyst, Aleksandra began making changes in her Org in real time

Aleksandra Radovanovic, Salesforce Solution Architect at Aria Solutions

5X certified Salesforce professional helping customers get the most out of their CRM investment. My specialties are automation, solution design and implementation, QA testing, end-user training and data models.

“I have been using Elements for more than a year now and I have to say it’s an indispensable tool for Admins who want to have a full overview of what is happening in their org in real time.

It’s was especially useful for me when I just started with the new org because it cut down my investigative work in more than half. I didn’t have to spend weeks going through settings and trying to understand the configuration. I just ran the report and had all information I needed in one place. That helped me not only understand the processes, but to also identify what can be improved and how to start optimizing it (most of all, how to get rid of unused fields).

What I like the best is how the product team is responsive to the feedback and how they keep working on improving the functionalities and adding new features based on what their customers ask for. The support team is also amazing – they are patient, knowledgeable and they go extra mile to make sure my problem is resolved and I understand how to do what I need. I am definitely recommending this app to every Admin I know.”

At Aria they believe everyone should have a great customer experience – regardless of industry, organization size or channel. Aria collaborates and solves business and technology problems with you, so you can sleep better at night.

Explore some key features used for successful implementation

Org Impact Analysis

Make changes faster with confidence with powerful Org Impact Analysis. Production and Sandboxes metadata sync’d and analyzed every night.

Map processes

Develop simple, yet powerful hierarchical process maps. Connect, engage and communicate with your business users. A “single source of truth”.

Org Documentation

Automated Org documentation generated based on your metadata. Add documents, links to external content, process diagrams and requirements.