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Webinar - User Adoption

Elements Webinar

COVID-19 has many of us locked in our homes, which means your users can’t ask you for help. You know data quality is going down the toilet because they are guessing what to put in fields. You can stop this. 

In this quick 30 minute webinar, we’ll show you how Elements Catalyst can provide in-app help to all your end-users, reducing the friction and time spent correcting data. All at the click of a button. It could save your team 8.3 hours a day.*

Don’t want to attend the webinar or get the recording? We’ve also written an article that explains the best practices to drive up Salesforce user adoption. 

*If each user saves 1 min when looking at page layout, and they look at the page 5x a day. For every 100 users just like them, that totals 8.3 hours. If they are paid $100k year, you’re saving $450 day.



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