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Nathaniel Crocker, owner of salesKey Consulting, was looking for a way to report on Field Usage in Salesforce, as part of a wider cleanup project for an organization he was consulting with – Unispace. He was using Field Trip but needed more information, and while looking for help online came across an article comparing it to Elements Catalyst. He says, “Installing Elements allowed me to clean up all of the unused fields on our page layouts. Field Trip is a great tool for getting started, but Elements provided me with all the information I needed to evaluate what fields we would keep, delete, or archive.” Cleaning up unused fields was just the start. Nathaniel wanted to dive deeper into what the Elements Catalyst application could do for the Unispace Org.

Explore the features helping Unispace grow

Map processes

Develop simple, yet powerful hierarchical process maps. Connect, engage and communicate with your business users. A “single source of truth”.

Org Impact Analysis

Make changes faster with confidence with powerful Org Impact Analysis. Production and Sandboxes metadata sync’d and analyzed every night.

Salesforce integration

Get single sign-on, embed process diagrams in standard or custom objects, and sync all config data into a Ref Model to document your Org and satisfy GDPR.

The First 14 Days

Nathaniel says that installing Elements for a 2-week trial was easy and painless. The hardest part was the steep learning curve of what he calls “a very powerful and sophisticated tool.” But by focusing on one task at a time, and with the help of Elements support, he was able to get real results right away. He says, “I was both impressed and pleased with the speed of response. I found their knowledge of not just their product, but Salesforce overall, to be excellent and extremely helpful towards completing my task. Several times on a complex question, the support team scheduled a longer Zoom session for me.”
During that first week or so using the app, Nathaniel had to learn functionality, and interface – which he says is clean, simple and pleasing – but had to take the time to learn where to click to do the tasks he wanted. He says, “The tool does exactly what it advertises…It is just a very technical program so be prepared to roll-up your sleeves and dig in.”

“As a Salesforce administrator, is the sharpest tool in my belt. It allows me to get more done —faster and better.”

Nathaniel Crocker

Up and running

Once he finished cleaning up all the unused fields, Nathaniel moved on to reports. This part of the cleanup led to the biggest surprise. Unispace had over 6000 reports going back over a period of 5 years, and his assumption was that he could reduce that figure by at least 60%. Ultimately he eliminated less than 1000 reports – with Elements Catalyst he was able to see that the overwhelming majority had active dates and were being used. He says, “Elements did help me clean up 1000 old reports, but more importantly helped me understand where all our reports were, and to feel confident that they are all being used.”
The next part of the project will be Profiles. And we at Elements have always recommended tackling clean-up and documentation projects one area at a time. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
Nathaniel’s overall project at Unispace is an initiative to clean up the organization’s Salesforce data. Elements is speeding this up, allowing the team to get more done at a deeper level than anticipated or expected. He says he’d like to see the organization adopt Elements as a permanent tool in their Salesforce arsenal. He agrees that the biggest benefit is that all of the work and Org changes would be documented rather than just in the minds of the system administrators. He also foresees it helping with adoption. “The feature of adding contextual help with documents, pictures, and even videos would be amazing for any organization”, he says.
And he wants to work more with the Processing mapping part of Catalyst, which he says is a hidden gem. “As a Certified Enterprise Architect and Master Project Manager I find the tool devilishly simple compared to other tools, yet elegant and very useful.”

What are the benefits?

Nathaniel says, “In this project Elements allowed us to get things done, at a quality level that had not been planned. Things were accomplished that no one had an expectation of. Getting more done did not equate to dollars saved, but delivered a project with better outcomes.”



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