Customer sessions at #TDX22

Customer sessions at #TDX22


Wed 27th 12:30pm  Breakout 3, Moscone West 2nd floor

Join Salesforce, Marcus & Millichap and Elements to hear about “DevOps Center: Practical Use Cases:  Come learn about DevOps Center, how a beta customer is improving its release process with it, how an ecosystem partner is extending its app to integrate with it, and how you can get it soon.

Elements provides the business analysis and org analysis to make sure that the development team can “Build the right thing”. It also provides the critical handover document – the User Story or Work Item – which is the specification of what needs to be built.  DevOps is all about “Building the thing right”. It is about streamlining build and deployment so you can increase the speed and frequency of delivery. Elements provides the org metadata impact and dependency analysis in the context of the User Story/Work Item to enable the development teams to understand the risk of making changes, and also allocate the right level of development and test resources.  Whilst Elements can work with any DevOps app, Salesforce is launching DevOps Center. This is a free application, is the replacement for change sets and provides source control using Github. 

Elements has built a tight integration with DevOps Center which means that together they provide a complete solution for the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). DevOps Center is in closed beta, but will move to open beta in the summer and GA in the Fall at which point every customer can kiss goodbye to change sets.

We’re developing a DevOps Center Accelerator to help customers move from change sets to DevOps Center and source control, but also streamline and accelerate their software implementation lifecycle. It includes an overview of the DevOps, the technology stack, DevOps business process maps with best practice, implementation steps and tips, and links to resources to get you started on your DevOps journey.


Wed 27th 3:00pm  Sycamore Theater 3, Moscone West 2nd floor

Hear from JD Power about their CPQ implementation and how they are working with Elements to reduce the risk and increase the speed of implementation.

NTT DATA Services is delivering Salesforce implementation services to the world’s largest organizations. They have dramatically reduced the time of org discovery with their OrgMD offering which is powered by



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