At last – the Where Used and the Dependency API launch is in sight

At last – the Where Used and the Dependency API launch is in sight

In the Salesforce Admin podcast about the upcoming “Where is this field used” functionality and the Dependency API, Vladimir Gerasimov referenced “some amazing apps out there that give you a full insight of what’s going on with your Org”. Elements Catalyst app is one of those “amazing apps”. We’ve been engaged with Vlad and his team during the last year. We’re excited that the WhereUsed capability that is available as beta will be released into production by the end of the year.

When the Dependency API is released into production we will be able to remove about 80% of our where used analysis code “under the hood”. Catalyst provides “Where Used” for both standard and custom fields. In addition, it analyzes Reports (a big ask from users), Approval Processes, Global Actions, Sharing Rules, Workflow Field Updates & Workflow Rules, which are not yet supported by the Dependency API.

“Where Used” is a small but critically important part of the overall Catalyst Salesforce proposition – the Documentation Hub for Salesforce. At the field level we also provide you with %filled, access and impact analysis. For any meta data you can document what you have changed and why. A checkbox turns any documentation into in-app help in Lightning and Classic pages. All of this can be accessed in the right panel of Salesforce Setup. It’s also available in the right panel of Classic record pages which is huge time saver for when considering which fields to migrate to Lightning.

And none of this would be possible without great Salesforce APIs.



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