Top 10 Features

Top 10 Features
Nathan Hale


With so many features in Element Catalyst we thought we’d get the team together and highlight our Top 10.  You’ll probably have a different view, based on your role or objectives. So let us know


1. Hierarchical process mapping with attachments & free example maps (FREE)

We’ve designed Visio, Powerpoint or LucidChart on steroids. Why? Because we’re not trying to be the “all things to all people” diagramming / drawing / designing tool.  We’ve focused on awesome, simple process mapping that drives rapid. business benefits.  And we have mapped out some core processes for you to use as a starting point. Or just to inspire you. Copy them from the Public Spaces; Examples, HEDA and NPSP. Check out our support article here.   If you do want a cool drawing tool head over to our friends at

Here is Walter explaining how to map processes

2. Org Analysis Report (PRO- 14 day free trial)

Need to see if it’s right for you, trying to build a business case, or simply want a freebie, sneak peek at your Org? Our free 14-day trial gives you the complete experience. And it only takes 45 seconds to configure once you have installed the managed package

3.  Elements Org Model inside Salesforce with Field Impact analysis (PRO)

All the cool features of the Org Model right panel inside Setup and we’ve also added Field Impact Analysis. This will be live at the end of January so not long to wait.


4. iOS Mobile App (PRO)

Use Siri and your camera to document your Org. Navigate around your Org and dictate notes and take photos to document it. Find it on the Apple AppStore. Search Elements Catalyst.  It is free to download but it works with your Org Model.


5. Embed diagrams in Salesforce (FREE)

Need training material for new team members? Want simple reminders on how to do certain tasks in Salesforce? Want to help your users improve data quality?  Embed training material inside Salesforce or Confluence. Our support topics help you build training content and embed them into a Salesforce Utility barLightning pagesClassic VF pages or Confluence wiki pages.


6. Drawing data models (FREE)

Elements Catalyst is not just process diagrams. Confused by Schema Builder. We hear you. You can build data models and link to the Org Model. Here is how to draw data models or ERDs. Here is the  support article.


7. Reporting engine (FREE)

Everything in Elements can be reported on. Reports can be sorted, filtered, grouped and exported XLS. Check out the  support article.


8. Build “Org Model” for other apps (PRO)

You can build an Org Model for other apps using CSV file or manually. Then you can add documentation, create links to process diagrams and collaborate with the team. Not just for Salesforce, but your entire operation.  Pardot, Mailchimp, WorkDay, SAP, custom apps. You name it. And this support article explains how to do it.


9. Version control of process diagrams (PRO)

We track all the changes to the process diagrams in a change log but you can also apply formal version control so end users see the published / master version whilst you are working on the next iteration.  Version controlled processes are at the heart of a well run change cycle. Here is the support article.


10. Requirements and user stories (PRO)

There is a powerful requirements capture and user stories management feature that not many people discover. It is way more powerful than using spreadsheets or custom objects in Salesforce. You can even customize the requirements capture and sign-off workflow and add new fields.  You’ll find requirement and user stories in the left menu Changes and here is the support article on customizations.



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