How to hit every session on your Dreamforce agenda

How to hit every session on your Dreamforce agenda
Nathan Hale

Dreamforce is less than a week away. If you’re coming out to San Francisco, you’re in for an amazing experience even if you are a repeat attender. Every year gets better and better.

But as you’re frantically packing your suitcase and scrolling down Agenda Builder, bookmarking the sessions and listing the ones you want to attend, you need to take into account two crucial items that often get overlooked.

Time spent walking between sessions and arriving early enough to get in. 

Theoretically, it should only take you 10 mins to walk about 3 blocks and sit down for your next session. Realistically, it could take anything from 20 mins – 30 mins. There are so many obstacles you have to navigate through during Dreamforce. One of them being is people.

Around 180,000 extra people will be in a condensed area of the city. Sidewalks will be chaotic, never mind the roads! But you will bump into people in the #ohana you’ve not seen and should stop and say, hi. Dreamforce is not just about education, it is also about connections.

Every session is oversubscribed. So, you should plan to arrive at least 20 mins before the session begins if you want a good chance of getting a seat – even if you have already registered for it. Keynotes are worse, particularly for the celebrity speakers. Plan on an at least being there an hour before. Nothing is more frustrating than being turned away from a session you were looking forward to attending. Finding an alternative available session you can get to in time is unlikely. Again, give yourself plenty of time!  

Work out what are the rocks.

What are your “must-go-to” sessions? Plan enough time around them to get there and get in. Remember, most sessions are recorded so you can catch them when you get back to the office, so you don’t have to attend every one. Leave time for networking and those unexpected, unplanned but valuable discussions. Don’t fill up your schedule back-to-back. Give yourself time to walk to the session and get there in good time. 

Below is a great diagram to give you a sense of distance between each venue.

Finally, having suitable footwear should be a priority. We’re not saying you should go as far as creating your own custom Dreamforce sneakers like some do! However, you’ll be walking and standing for the majority of the week.

And now would be a good time to create that Apple/Fitbit Challenge between your friends, because you know that if they are not at Dreamforce, you will win by miles!!


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